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Marc’s Hometown Experience

Marc Preuss is a lifelong native of the French Quarter and spent the last 20 plus years involved in his family’s famous French-Creole restaurant.

Just as important is Marc’s knowledge of the “real” New Orleans and the diverse neighborhoods that make up one of the world’s most eclectic cities. This experience is both impressive and engaging.
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bywater auto

Funky NOLA Shopping and Art Galleries

The bohemian nature of the city permeates creativity and culture.
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Adrian Fulton's Fine Art Gallery

Uptown New Orleans, The Irish Channel, Magazine Street Chic

This tour experience will complete our magical city in an epic way.
Certainly younger than the Creole French Quarter, we will journey to the area of town formerly known as Lafayette – comprised of the working class neighborhood of the Irish Channel and aristocratic Garden District, home to beautiful houses made more famous by Anne Rice’s novel “Interview With A Vampire”.

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German Church of St. Mary’s Assumption

Historic New Orleans Dine-around

Because of the amazing diversity of our local population, New Orleans has always been a city of neighborhoods.
It is no secret that the city has always been a food town and nowhere is that on greater display than in the many neighborhoods that have perfected their own addition to our great Creole and Cajun food culture.

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Optional day or night

Lafayette Square

Destrehan Plantation and Des Allemands (Airboat Adventure)

Des Allemands: This peaceful bayou village was named after its body of water running through it, namely “Bayou Des Allemands”, a French name meaning the “Bayou of the Germans”.
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Jean Lafitte and the Bayous of Barataria

We will take a quick ride from New Orleans to the quaint fishing village of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, and former home to the Pirate Jean Lafitte. Jean Lafitte and his band of privateers (pirates) lived off the coast in the Barataria Bay and played a central role in both our history and our culture.

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