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Street Food & Culinary Cocktails Adventure on Foot

As a former owner of the renowned Creole restaurant, Broussard’s, in the French Quarter, I take pride in my knowledge of New Orleans’ unique food traditions. There is always a backstory in our city, especially in the food industry!
Experience pralines, gumbo, alligator and bananas foster….
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Historic Cocktail, Culinary and Kitchen Adventure

We begin our tour at the Royal Orleans hotel where we will proceed up to the rooftop bar that overlooks our 300-year-old city and beautiful Mississippi River all while learning basic historical facts. Your experience starts on St. Louis Street where we will introduce you to some of the French Quarters’ oldest dining institutions and bars.
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Backstage Music Stops: In the Most Musical City on Earth

The French brought the opera to New Orleans in the early 1800’s. This sophisticated music flourished here long before New York or any other city in North America.
The free people of color introduced the harmony and spirituality of Sunday church music and the bordellos of Storyville led to music greats Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong and King Oliver. This evolved into the only true American music that was born in the gentlemen parlors of Treme and was called JAZZ.
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Blood on Every Brick

Although typical ghost stories of massive deaths tolls involve murders, suicides, and wars, a tremendous number of people died from a painful disease known as yellow fever.
This would become one of the most deadly diseases ever to affect New Orleans, wiping out up to one-thousand people each week at its most lethal time.
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